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Realms of Fantasy

I told them all, the fools. To kill Realms of Fantasy you need to put a stake through its heart, cut off the head, stuff the mouth with garlic, burn the body, bury the head at a crossroads at midnight and throw the body's ashes into moving water.

Guess who failed to do that. Now the Internet's favorite undead magazine has risen to terrorize us all again. Having survived Sovereign Media's attempts to put it down, it's now thwarted Tir Na Nog's efforts, and has been acquired by Damnation Books, according to a statement released just a few minutes ago via Realms's Facebook page.

More details yet to follow, such as whether or not the editorial team and other regular mind-slav- I mean, contributors, will stick around for this new incarnation. Me? I'm holding out for a better corner in the dungeons, maybe with a little sunlight.

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