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World Fantasy Con

Why yes, I will be attending World Fantasy Convention. Go me!
I don't have any panels, readings, signings, or other scheduled events. I expect to be wandering the halls, haunting the parties, perusing the Dealer's Room, and stalking authors as the Mass Signing on Friday Night. There's just something about conventions; I go from tenuously-established pro to fanboy, like I was in high school all over again. I'm'a gonna get my signed books mojo ON, baby. (My wife says we need to save room in the car for luggage and people. Silly her.)

I'll definitely be open to suggestions, offerings, or invites for meals, if there's anyone out there who's had a hankering to hang out with me and hasn't expressed it before out of shyness, politeness, or a healthy self-preservation instinct.

Also, I doubt this will happen because I don't live in that sort of world yet, but if anyone happens to accost me with copies of Slipstreams or The Dragon Done It, I will happily sign my story. If you show up with a freshly printed-out, unstained, pristine version of one of my ebook-only stories, I'll sign that. If you come from another timeline and appear with the new issue of Dreams of Decadence with my story in it, I'll sign it ... and then steal it as a one-of-a-kind item here on Earth-Me. And if you're a time traveller with a copy of Scheherazade's Facade I will sign it and worship you ... and ask for Superbowl scores.
In lieu of that, I'll also sign babies. Bring your own.

I can dream, right?

See you there, folks.

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