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Sad News and Disappointment

Well, the news has gone public. Warren Lapine has pulled the plug on Realms of Fantasy after two years and nine issues. It's anyone's guess as to whether or not someone will pick up the magazine and try to make a go of it again, especially since this would be its third life.

I'm not holding my breath. Times are, and have been, pretty rough for print magazines of late, and it's the rare one that makes it to the stands, much less lasts for any length of time. And I have to face the possibility that this may be it for my Young Adult review column in its current incarnation. If Realms doesn't rise from the ashes yet again, I'm faced with the choice of A) finding another magazine, print or online, to associate myself with, B) migrating to a review-oriented website, such as SF Site or Green Man Review, both of which have been very good to me, and very patient with my foibles, over the years, or C) turning my website, already a review archive, into a dedicated review blog and tr to build a brand identity for myself there.
I'm not sure which would benefit me and my time/energy/goals more. I'll think on it. The sad part is that this is the loss of a paying (it wasn't much, but it was something) print gig for me, and those are never easy to come by.

While everyone's noted that Realms is taking the dirt nap once again, another piece of news slipped out in the same announcement: Dreams of Decadece, which was to be relaunched as an urban fantasy/paranormal romance magazine, is pretty much stillborn. As noted, it may or may not come out as a free PDF via the website. I sold Dreams a story back in May, so this is a double whammy for me, losing one of my favorite gigs and a publication in the space of a day. In the grand scheme of things, this may be a passing trifle, but at the moment, it's still a hard bit of news to swallow and accept.

I'll miss Realms. Doug Cohen was a hell of an editor to work for, always ready and able to respond to emails and answer questions, to extend me that extra day when I needed it, quick to remind me when I needed to send in invoices, and great at soothing ruffled feathers. I always looked forward to Realms, for its consistent good stories, beautiful art, interesting columns, and what it brought to the genre. I think we're once again a little the poorer for its loss. There are many fine magazines online, but it kept fantasy short fiction alive on the newsstand, and that's nothing to sneeze about.

So here's to Realms of Fantasy and the four years I spent there, all the wonderful people I worked with, and here's hoping that maybe, just maybe, some lottery winner will adopt it. If not, here's seeing you in some form or fashion.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to figure out the future of my column, find out the state of my story, and raise a few drinks in memory of it all.

(And BTW, I'll be at WFC for anyone who wants to meet me, commiserate with me, and/or offer me money to review books. :> )

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