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Oh, Writers, Writers, Writers.

If it's not one anthology, it's the other.

After getting yet another in a series of inappropriate submissions to Like A Cunning Plan, I feel like I need to include a translation guide.

Erotic Trickster Tales = Sexy, well-written, intelligent porn involving mythological/fantastic/made-up tricksters.

Yes. I said it. Porn. Smut. Bedroom material. Explicit. The sex must be there, and it must be detailed. No sex = no sale. No trickster = no sale. No sf/f elements = no sale. Porn without plot = no sale also.

The perfect Circlet story has all the plot development, characterization, action/adventure/something happening of a real story, where the sf/f elements and sex are integral to the setting, theme, and resolution. It's a story designed to excite on multiple levels, to entertain as well as arouse. Take away one aspect of this equation or the other, and it doesn't stand up anymore.

While there are, of course, exceptions to this, keep in mind that it's extremely unlikely those exceptions will be found in my anthology. (Honestly, it's Cecilia Tan's call as to what gets to break her rules, and I'm no Cecilia Tan.)

The major problem I've seen so far is that people hold back. They see erotic, so their characters have sex, but the details are skimmed over like it was prime-time American TV. They give me PG or PG-13, when I'm looking for R and NC-17. People, don't hold back. Don't be embarrassed. If you can't write the sexy stuff, you're submitting to the wrong market. Go to the Circlet site and check out some of the fabulous free microfictions and excerpts we have posted, if you need reassurance that it's okay to let your freak flag fly, your kink show, your pots boil, etc.

Oh, and do observe the word count. The minimum and maximum, as well as the preferred range, exist for a reason.

Once again, full guidelines can be found here.

I'd rather answer stupid questions now, than reject something later. :)

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