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Call For Submissions

Drum roll please....
As I threatened, even while Scheherazade's Facade is on the back burner while things get sorted out, my editorial career continues to take new and interesting turns. And so:

Call for submissions: Like a Cunning Plan! Erotic trickster tales

Circlet Press is seeking submissions for its new ebook anthology LIKE A CUNNING PLAN, erotic trickster tales, edited by Michael M. Jones.

Everyone loves a good trickster, and every culture has that one guy/gal/deity who insists on breaking the rules, challenging expectations, pushing boundaries, and questioning social mores. Coyote. Puck. Loki. Heyoka. Anansi. Odysseus. Bugs Bunny. Relying on their wits and the foolishness of others, they’re often amoral, capricious, and whimsical, pursuing their own goals no matter what the cost to themselves or others and crossing boundaries that no one else would dare to. So what happens when a trickster decides to have a little carnal fun? Will it be a good-natured romp in the hay, or will someone get their come-uppance? Will they get away scot-free, or will someone learn a valuable lesson? Make it interesting, playful, thoughtful, and above all, sexy. Choose an established trickster, or make one up, retell an old favorite tale or tell us a new one for the modern era. Just make sure you’re not the one being tricked!

It’s all about well-played tricks, cunning plans, disguises and fast talk, lies and half-truths. It’s about having fun and occasionally outwitting oneself. It’s about wondering what the hell just happened, but realizing you had a good time. Stories will be inspected for that subtle ‘heart’ that makes a trickster tale more than an asshole getting his way. In the best Circlet tradition, stories will be sex-positive and open to all sexualities and genders. Trickster is, after all, voracious and omnisexual and open to experimentation (or to having the tables turned on him/her/them).

Submission Details:

Deadline for submission is December 15th. Our preferred length is approximately 3500 to 7500 words, but we will consider the range from 2000 to 10,000 words. All submissions must be made via email to Michael M. Jones at the following address: Tricksterantho@gmail.com

More details:

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