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The Public Signal

I posted earlier to my friendslist about this, and there's been just enough interest in passing the information along that I figured I'd do one slightly more suitable for public consumption.

The search for a potential new home for Scheherazade's Facade continues.

As folks may recall, my anthology of gender bending, cross-dressing, transformative fantasy was supposed to be coming out in a month, until circumstances necessitated a full year's postponement. Not being the sort to sit idly by, with the original publisher's blessing, I set forth to find a new home for the anthology.

I've contacted several different sources thus far. For one reason or another, they've passed on this. Part of it's due to scheduling, part of it's due to money. In these times, an anthology with a somewhat off-kilter theme such as this isn't necessarily thought of as a moneymaker or hot ticket item. I disagree.

I only have two real criteria: I want this to be a print anthology, because that's what it would be if it came out through Norilana, and I want to be able to pay the authors what the guidelines promised them, 2 cents/word. I would so very dearly love to see this thing on the shelves, and be able to hold a copy in my hands. (I only wish I could give them the 5 cents/word that's considered professional rates by SFWA, but we all know how likely that is.)

Keep in mind that what I have is a fully assembled, 75k-word, 13-author collection. Most of my authors are consistent sellers with established fan bases, and some are internationally renowned. Some have actual books out on the shelves. Some are award nominees and winners. My Big Name Contributor has been winning awards for decades. This is an anthology which could go places, if given the chance.

I'm not out of options yet, but it's starting to get frustrating. If anyone has some ideas, feel free to toss them out. I reserve the right to refuse to confirm or deny the identities of anyone I've tried already. I'm not here to sling mud at any of the fine people I've worked with thus far.

And that's all the news that's fit to print. So to speak.

Oh, and keep watching this space for an unrelated, yet exciting bit of news. Well, I thought it was exciting. I'm sure a few of you will too. And no, it doesn't involve feeding the cats.

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