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Tapping The Editorial Mind

So for those of you who might remember the whole Scheherazade's Facade project, let me assure you it's still in the works, simmering away while the stars align themselves for the conditions needed for release.

Now, this isn't to suggest I'm a slacker or anything, because oh no, we don't know anything about writers/editors who get distracted by shiny things and hey, squirrel!

As I was saying. I'm faced with turning thirteen stories into one manuscript. Sure, they all come in as RTF files, but apart from that, they're in a variety of fonts and type sizes, with the odd bit of formatting, and individual quirks. Does anyone out there have any advice on how to blend them all into one cohesive, sexy-looking manuscript? Is there a book, or a secret set of instructions online, or even just some handy tips and tricks? (FWIW, I do have an editor on tap, who I can ask, but he charges me in beer and has a life of his own, really he does.) Or is really, as I suspect, just a case of taking each story, adjusting the font and size and formatting individually, slapping it into one large file, and calling it magic? (If so, sorry to bother you, assume I'm talking to myself and/or gone slightly eccentric. Again.)

Until/unless I get answers, I'll be doing it the hard way. With gnomes. And power tools.

Thanks, Internet!
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