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Comic Book Characters, The Naming Thereof....

I've been working out some of the incidentals regarding a certain YA project that's been percolating in the forefront of my mind, and a question stirred to the surface.

Namely, what are the legalities revolving around naming super-hero/super-villain characters after songs and/or bands? I have one secondary character who's demanding to be named after a '70s rock band, another who's named for a famous country song, and possibly a few others taking their inspiration from that sort of thing. But is it fair use, or do permissions need to be obtained, or am I better off filing off the serial numbers and making them thinly-veiled references instead?

I know plenty of legit comic book characters have gotten away with song-related titles, from Lucy In The Sky of the Runaways, to an entire gang of paranormals in the late, lamented D.P.7, and the Wild Cards anthology series likewise snuck in a bunch of characters named for songs ... but what might have been involved?

It's really just a random question tossed out to see what sort of knowledge turns up in response. When in doubt, I'll probably play it safe, but it's nice to know these things.

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