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Indecisions, Indecisions

So I have all these books to read. And I can't decide where to start. So I thought I'd throw the floor open for opinions or suggestions. I don't want anything too in-depth... but if you have any opinions on the matter, tell me which of these to read first, if any.

S.M. Stirling: Dies The Fire (modern-day companion to his Island in the Sea of Time trilogy)
Kate Constable: The Singer of All Songs (YA Australian fantasy)
Caroline Stevermer: A Scholar of Magics (YA turn-of-the-century fantasy, sequel of sorts to
College of Magics)
Flavia Bujor: The Prophecy of the Stones (Fraench YA fantasy)
Ian Graham: Monument (gritty adult fantasy, British)
Isabel Glass: Daughter of Exile (Fantasy_
L.G. Bass: Sign of the Qin (Chinese-inspired YA fantasy)
G.P. Taylor: Shadowmancer (British YA fantasy)

This is a rare opportunity to influence me. Use it wisely. I'll likely pick one at random on my way out the door, but that still leaves a big ol' stack to place in order. Sigh. I hate being indecisive.

(edited to provide a little more info on the books)

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