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Mid-April Update

If I've been somewhat quiet of late, it's because I've been training for a new job. After years of writerly iconoclastic rebellion against The Man, I have given in and joined The Man. For the next few months, give or take a couple weeks, I'll be working for the local Census Bureau. This week was training, and it pretty much upset my normal schedule completely, rendering me rather useless afterwards each day. Once training is over, I get to train my team, and then the fieldwork begins. I do anticipate things being a little more controllable once that hits and I have some idea of what sort of schedule I'll be keeping.

Being awesome as I am, this won't affect my other obligations any more than my other bad habits do. :> I'll still have my Publishers Weekly reviews to do, and my Realms of Fantasy column to do.

As for Scheherazade's Facade, all I can say is that I'm right on track as far as things go there. With all slush read, I'm currently in the Very Hard Decision Making Process, where I yield to the necessity of a publisher-mandated wordcount and cut my initial selections down to a managable level. Every single one of the stories left (and some of you know who you are) is there because they suit my needs in some way or another. Now I have to figure out what needs much be fulfilled the most, and by which particular story, and how it all fits together, and have I achieved a satisfactory balance of one aspect vs another, and...

Thus, for those waiting patiently for a response, I apologize, and hope for a little more patience. I'm no Ellen Datlow or John Joseph Adams, whose unerring sense of quality and hearts of solid stone allow them to put together awesome anthologies before breakfast, I'm a big ol' softy who's dating too many stories and can't take them all to the spring dance. (Apologies to Ellen and John, I know you love kittens and rainbows as much as the next person....)

I digress. My point? I'm alive and I haven't forgotten about you. But a pony for Christmas is right out. But an anthology for Halloween is still in the cards.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have paperwork to fill out, and The Man to serve.

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