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Well Drat...

Electric Velocipede didn't want the story I sent them. Neither did Strange Horizons. EV doesn't even have the time to give detailed rejections anymore, which was one of the main reasons I sent it to them.

It's always so frustrating to get rejected and not know what the editor didn't like. I understand, after all there's only so much time and energy one can put into the slush pile, and I've been on both sides of it in the past, present, and likely even in the future. Doesn't mean it makes me entirely happy, but...

Time to find somewhere else that'll take my kinda funky 6600 word urban fantasy piece. Or someone willing to read and critique it and tell me where I'm going wrong. (Someone not related to me by blood or marriage, preferably, I'm weird that way. :> )

Anyway, just thought I'd surface briefly. Later, I'll tell you what the heck I've been up to...

Oh, and don't forget, the submission period for Scheherazade's Facade is open, and will remain that way through February.

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