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Oh boy!

As almost everyone may have noticed, it's now November. And with the start of November came the opening of the submissions period for Scheherazade's Facade. From now until the end of February '10, I'll be considering stories for the anthology. I've already had a few roll in, which both pleases and terrifies me. (Me: What have I done? What am I doing? Where am I, and where are my pants?)

On the bright side, things will be interesting.

And no, I can't even begin to guess as to response times at this moment. Could be an hour, could be a week ... might be four months! Muahahahahaha! Er, what I mean, of course, is that I'll try to maintain a respectable turnover, as balanced against my other workload. You know how it goes.

Now I stop rambling and go vaccuum the cat.

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