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A Word From Our Sponsor? - Michael M Jones

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April 2nd, 2004

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01:59 pm - A Word From Our Sponsor?
Not quite. Presenting, instead, the Top Three Most Annoying or Overdone April's Fool Jokes!

#3: Pretending you're pregnant. This will either get a lot of folks' hopes up, and dash them when you reveal the truth, frighten them at the thought you're breeding, or backfire horribly on you when you discover a month later that yes, you actually ARE pregnant.

#2: Pretending a store/game/sphere/business/place of recreation is closing. Not nice, people. Not nice at all. Unless you like seeing people start freaking out.

#1: Pretending you're dead. That one seems to be a real attention-grabber, especially on the gossip-fueled Internet. Lots of people will freak out, suffer severe doubts, freak out some more, weep and mourn and start planning the memorial, and then beat your sorry ass when you reveal the deception.

Why only three? Because frankly, I couldn't think of any other annoying AF pranks. I don't get out nearly enough. :> And yes, I saw examples of all three yesterday. :>

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Date:April 2nd, 2004 11:35 am (UTC)
I only saw #2 yesterday, though I saw two versions of it. One, that a sphere was closing. And one that the wizard of a sphere was resigning. Of course, in that case, he buried a 'This is an April Fool's joke' line into the middle of one of the paragraphs, where people who just skin bboards wouldn't have caught it.

But, then, I don't hang out with people who think AFs is funny, so I was spared anything else other than those two.

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