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Old Story Now Available

For those who dig such things, my first published story is once again available. "The Spellweaver's Tale" is your not-so-typical cat-themed urban fantasy, told from the viewpoint of a young but heroic Maine Coon with not-so-average magical talents, and a whole heapload of unexpected responsibilities. Originally written for the Del Rey Books/Sovereign Media Cat-Fantasy Short Story Contest in 1998, it earned an Honorable Mention, before being published in Issue #2 of the short-lived webzine Elysian Fiction.

Now, thanks to the folks at The Anthology Builder, you can select "The Spellweaver's Tale" while personalizing your own anthology. Choose from hundreds of other fine offerings from many wonderful writers. I'd like to think I've grown and improved in the past decade, but I'll always have a soft, warm, fuzzy spot for this story in my heart. Especially since its protagonist still likes to sleep on my head at night and try to muscle me off my own pillow...

Anyway, if anyone does happen to pick Spellweaver for an antho, let me know. I submitted it just to see if there was some life left in this particular tail... er, tale. And enjoy Anthology Builder, I think it looks pretty nifty keen, though I haven't partaken of its services yet.
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