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More To Love ... Again

Looking on the Wikipedia page for More To Love, we have a handy chart of the contestants. Name, age, weight, and in what episode they were eliminated. (I guess location and occupation aren't noteworthy enough for the detail-oriented Wikipedians...)

As I looked at the list of those eliminated versus those remaining, something really struck me about those chosen for immediate rejection. They were, for the most part, the heaviest of the contestants, ranging from 220 to 279. Those remaining range from 170 to 225, and of those fifteen, only one was 220 and one was 225.

Unconsciously or not, it seems as though our esteemed bachelor (a gentle giant/teddy bear at 6'3", 330 himself) likes "real women" but doesn't want them too real. Or are his choices just coincidence? Only time will tell, I suppose.

I wonder how long Arriane, who, at 37, is five years older than any of the remaining contestants and 13 years older than Luke at 26, will last. Three of the five to get the boot were 30 or older, leaving, again, just two out of fifteen to break the 30 barrier. (Once they're gone, we'll be left with a range of 21-27.)

Statistics and numbers shouldn't matter that much, I'm sure, but looking at them, it's interesting to see just how it's going to play out. Let's face it: Fox has made this show all about the weight of the contestants, so by God, let's pay attention to those numbers. Will Luke start picking off the skinniest girls if their personalities aren't to his liking? Or will we see the heavier ones go first?

Honestly, this commentary has it right. A wrter at Jezebel.com says, " Fatties allowed to love or be loved? Madness! But what would be even more amazing? If these "real" people, these overweight singles with "more to love" were actually allowed to compete alongside slender people, instead of being segregated into a ghetto of a plus-size show. Do they have cooties or something? Let's face it, the show is a gimmick, right? You're tuning in not for love, but for fat, and the title reminds you that the people on the show are packing something extra. How is it not exploitation? Won't we just see a lineup of fat, single ladies desperate for a man, competing for his attention?"

And therein lies my annoyance, once again.

BTW, I was intrigued by this essay on a Jezebel.com writer who auditioned for the show.

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