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Michael M Jones

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February 21st, 2004

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04:16 am - Bookcases
For those who might somehow not know, I have an assload of books. This is a technical term vaguely related to a shitload. The ongoing project for the past few years with my father-in-law's help (and expertise) has been to build bookcases. Let's just say that we may never have enough. Though the latest installment has helped somewhat, expanding the amount of usable bookshelf space greatly. I now have an entire case dedicated to my ARCs (advance reading copies) and to be read&reviewed piles. This, mind you, is supposed to keep them from piling up too high. :>

The other big addition has been one bookcase solely devoted to my young adult collection. This, of course, being important since I review YA SF/fantasy professionally. However, this still leaves me with a quandry: Do I take up valuable space there with the Harry Potters, or stuff them in one of the miscellaneous shelves I have elsewhere? Ditto the Oz series. It's all the little details that drive me neurotic. I play favorites, see. L. Frank Baum gets slapped together, ditto Diana Wynne Jones (or does she? Right now, split between YA, trade paperbacks, and paperbacks) (that's right, due to limited space, I can and will sort books by size/type to make maximum use of shelf room....)

I'm just thinking out loud. I'm at my happiest when surrounded by books, and I like moving them around every so often anyway. :)

So how do YOU folks organize your libraries?
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Date:April 1st, 2004 04:55 pm (UTC)
Good heavens. Are you sure we're not clones of each other?

I've got two bookcases of ARCs/proofs, not counting the assorted stacks/boxes of unbound xox-proofs that showed up all too frequently during the early stages of my Dragon-columnic career.

Two more bookcases for mass market fiction, partially double-shelved. One more for most of the tie-in fiction, which is predominantly Trek-related. That's the living room -- oh, wait, except for the smaller TBR bookshelf.

Three bookcases in the study/office for hardcover fiction, some of that double-shelved. One large bookcase and a smaller one for nonfiction, rather loosely organized. Just cleared off a smaller bookcase in here which now has a solid row of my autographed hardcovers and a few other first-edition items.

One smaller bookcase in the bedroom which has a bunch of old eclectic stuff -- paperback nonfiction, old college textbooks, like that.

No segregation of kidlit/YA, though I have a fair amount of it. For awhile I was segregating the F/SF from the mysteries in paperback, but merged them in the latest reshelving.
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Date:April 1st, 2004 05:26 pm (UTC)
I dunno. :)
I have the one bookcase that's split between to-be-read-and/or-reviewed and ARCs, one for signed books, one for YA/childrens (about to expand to a second). Two bookcases dedicated to anthologies, media fiction, and gaming fiction... If it's an antho, it goes over there. Star Wars and TSR are currently in temporary housing until I decide where to put 'em.

Paperbacks have an entire wall of bookcases. Hardbacks are the real losers right now... I'm way behind on shelving them. Thank god my father-in-law likes building bookcases!

Mind you, this is all in the basement. No, this IS the basement. Books migrate upwards as well, much less organized.

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