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Michael M Jones

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February 21st, 2004

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04:16 am - Bookcases
For those who might somehow not know, I have an assload of books. This is a technical term vaguely related to a shitload. The ongoing project for the past few years with my father-in-law's help (and expertise) has been to build bookcases. Let's just say that we may never have enough. Though the latest installment has helped somewhat, expanding the amount of usable bookshelf space greatly. I now have an entire case dedicated to my ARCs (advance reading copies) and to be read&reviewed piles. This, mind you, is supposed to keep them from piling up too high. :>

The other big addition has been one bookcase solely devoted to my young adult collection. This, of course, being important since I review YA SF/fantasy professionally. However, this still leaves me with a quandry: Do I take up valuable space there with the Harry Potters, or stuff them in one of the miscellaneous shelves I have elsewhere? Ditto the Oz series. It's all the little details that drive me neurotic. I play favorites, see. L. Frank Baum gets slapped together, ditto Diana Wynne Jones (or does she? Right now, split between YA, trade paperbacks, and paperbacks) (that's right, due to limited space, I can and will sort books by size/type to make maximum use of shelf room....)

I'm just thinking out loud. I'm at my happiest when surrounded by books, and I like moving them around every so often anyway. :)

So how do YOU folks organize your libraries?
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Date:February 21st, 2004 06:27 am (UTC)

I don't know that I have as many books as you, but I have a lot. I have one bookshelf devoted entirely to the books that I gathered while in various college classes (not textbooks, only my college English classes). I organize these by category. Anthologies are at top, along with the Complete Works of Shakespeare, the huge Medieval Drama compilation, etc. Next are all of the books on criticism -- too numerous to mention all the types. Next I have all of my British Literature, followed by African Literature, Irish Literature, American Literature, and a small section of assorted "other" literature (Latin American, German, etc).

Another bookshelf I have is devoted to those books that are my "favorites." My selection of cheesy romance novels are there, next to a complete collection of Jane Austen. Anne of Green Gables, all of the Little Women Series, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Harry Potter, Neil Gaimon, Laurel K. Hamilton. These aren't really put together in any particular order, except that I generally organize the books on the shelves from largest to smallest, left to right. Hardbacks come first, then paperbacks. This bookshelf is basically the, "I want something comfortable to sink into the bathtub with," bookshelf.

Obviously, there are the appropriate gaming book shelves -- two, at the moment. My gaming book collection has thinned a bit, since I moved out of the old apartment (Jeremy uses and loves them so much more anyway), but it's still reasonably extensive. I order these by game and a little by genre. D&D, Star Wars, Dragonstar. I have every Changeling book except for the Kingdom of Willows which I know I had, but somehow turned up lost. I think I might have every Wraith book as well. Anyway, so that's those shelves.

The rest of my books I have yet to unpack. There will be an entire section of "old-ass" books. These are my collection. I wish I could say that they were really old and impressive, but most are from the mid to late 1800's. Still, I love them all. I have some Dickens, Byron, Keats, Longfellow, and a beautiful edition of Ann Radcliff's Mysteries of Udolpho from 1832. I also have a first edition of Tarzan and a first or early edition of Anne of Green Gables. Oddly enough I include in this section a rare Advanced Reading Copy of George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings, signed by an author, and with a dust jacket they didn't end up using, in this section. It's not old, but I like it and it's worth as much as many of the things there (except Tarzan and Radcliff).

I have a bunch of college textbooks too. I didn't keep all of them, only the ones that I liked. I have an entire section on Christianity from my old and new testament classes, ethics, philosophy (eastern and western), a couple of psychology textbooks, some german ones and who knows what else.

Hmmm...well, this is probably more than you really ever wanted to know about some strangers library collection, but it was a nice mental exercise for me too, so thank you!

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Date:February 21st, 2004 09:51 am (UTC)


I did the same with some of my stuff. A shelf for sociology, some shelves for theatre textbooks, and for plays, and some shelves for other related fields. :>

Oh, and the White Wolf books are a bookcase unto themselves. A large bookcase. Oy.

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