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Now It Can Be Told...

Yours truly is going to be reviewing books for Publishers Weekly.

Yeah, that's right. Publishers Weekly. I've been given the thumbs up, and just have some paperwork to fill out, and all lights are green.

Yes, I will be reviewing science fiction and fantasy. Maybe other stuff, who knows?
No, I have no control whatsoever over what I'm assigned to review.
No, I can't tell you what I'm reviewing there. Sorry, but it's one of the rules.
Yes, I'll still be reviewing for Green Man Review and SF Site.
No, the future of my YA column has not been decided. I have some hopes and some potential venues. Trust me, something will be arranged and I'll announce it here. In the meantime, I'll figure out -something- to do about the many excellent books on my To Be Read shelf. You can't keep me down for long.
Yes, you can send me books.
Yes, I'd love to sign your baby.

Moving along...

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