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2008: The Year in Review.

In the spirit of Anton Strout's protagonist in Dead To Me and Deader Still (review coming soon), Simon Canderous, I'm going to settle for the very simple and profound:

"Didn't die."

To find out what that means in its own context, you'll just have to pick up Deader Still in a few months. Good book.

No, it wasn't a bad year for me. It was interesting, in its own right. I'm just not inclined to dwell on the past. I wrote some stuff, read a lot of books, went some places, wrote a lot of reviews, played nice with my family, kept my wife happy, kept my cats happy, and didn't destroy the world. Hell, that pretty much puts me ahead of some people, right?

Here's hoping 2009 is a good one.

Peace, all.

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