Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones


A random thought before bed:
I just stumbled across a story I wrote some time back. It was aimed at a themed anthology, and I didn't make the cut. Story went back in the metaphorical trunk, and I forgot all about it. Until now. And in rereading it... well, it's -good-. Like many writers, I tend to think of my own stuff as crap, and am surprised when anyone likes it. So to read something I wrote, and like it, that's a surprise. I'm my own worst critic.

Yeah, time to brush the dust off, take an editing pass or two through it, and maybe send it out into the world. I can dig it.

And if nothing else, it seems I know how to make myself laugh. I had some good lines in there. Let's hear it for lost treasure.

I mainly posted this so I won't wake up and come to my senses.

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