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Michael M Jones

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November 3rd, 2008

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09:54 pm - Things of Importance.
1) Because I'm out of town for The Big Day, I voted by absentee on Friday. I did my part. And that's all that matters. I had my say. Whatever happens tomorrow, I can be content knowing that I voted. And man, I'll be glad to see an end to the phone calls (mainly the Obama people) and daily mailings (the McCain people) and the television ads on both sides.

2) My beloved wife, alemya wrote an intelligent, passionate, thorough post about first responders (fire, police, EMT), their dispatchers, and the people who help keep them sane. You can find that post here and I urge you to read it and spread it far and wide. Help spread the understanding and caring and support, and make the world a tiny bit better. I don't use this journal for Important Messages much, but this one really deserves a wider audience, in my opinion.

3)I want cake.

That is all. See you on the other side of Election Day.

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