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Michael M Jones

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December 24th, 2003

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12:12 am - Ow.
Fucking ow.
My feet hurt.
Mind you, this is because yours truly spent 11 hours at work today. You know, mall bookstore? Running around constantly helping people, etc etc? I was supposed to get off at 8:30. But because of certain people leaving early for less than convincing reasons, we ended up shorthanded. 4 people to cover 3 locations in the mall. I -could- have left on time... if I wanted to be a ratbastard and abandon people I like. Three hours later, we all finally staggered out. Ow.

In related news, the company cancelled their discount card program. We can renew existing members, but can't sell new ones. Weird timing. :>

I fall down now.
Current Mood: exanimateexanimate

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