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Robert Asprin

I wrote this to a mailing list, as my immediate response to hearing the news that's already streaking across the Internet with the speed of well, bad news.

Well, -damn-. That sucks.
I'd been a fan of his work, off and on, for years, following the MYTH Inc books,
and Phule's Company, and I absolutely loved Dragon's Wild, which just came
out a little while ago, considering it to be one of his best books to date. And
that reminds me of a story...

I'd read Dragon's Wild in ARC format, and my wife read it after me, just
in time for us to go down to New Orleans for the first week of Mardi Gras (where
much of the book is set). Robert's descriptions of the French Quarter, the
music and sights and sounds and tastes and people, helped me to fall in love with
that area before I even got there. And the real thing lived up to his literary

In fact, he'd actually worked real places into his book, such as Yo-Mama's,
a little bar and grill that served some of the strangest and best hamburgers in
New Orleans. One rainy night, my wife and I were wandering down through the French
Quarter, where we stumbled across Yo-Mama's. So of course we had to try it,
and let me just say, those were some damned good burgers.

We got to talking with the waitress/barmaid, and told her how we ended up there,
and she informed us that Robert was a regular, and even listed off the exact order
he always placed. He wasn't there, she said, but she knew where he played pool
around this time of night, and told us where. Well, after we finished up, my wife
and I debated actually going to find him, just as a lark. We decided against it;
the man was entitled to his privacy, and didn't need random people he'd
never met hunting him down, right?

So that's the story about how I almost hunted down Robert Asprin in the French
Quarter, and didn't, and now I'll never be able to tell him how much I loved
his work. I've written a few reviews of his books in the past, but I was working
on a review that was more of a love letter to Dragon's Wild... and I never did
get it done to my satisfaction. Sure, I can finish it now, but I'll still regret

Here's to a hell of a man who I only knew through his writing. If you ever
get to New Orleans, go to Yo-Mama's, and have a drink in his name.

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