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Praise For The Dragon

The Dragon Done It has been out for two months now, and so far, it seems as though the reception's been pretty good all around, from what I've seen. My favorite review thus far comes courtesy of The Midwest Book Review , posted both on their site and on Amazon (5 stars) where they said:

The Dragon Done It is an utterly engrossing anthology of fantasy short stories with a noir twist! These private eyes live in worlds with not only dames and guns, but also witches, magic, monsters, and even creatures from nursery rhymes. From the return of John Justin Mallory (the hero of Mike Resnick's "Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonite") in "The Long and Short of It", to a female ex-cop recently turned vampire in Tanya Huff's "This Town Ain't Big Enough", to Little Jack Horner in Neil Gaiman's "The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds", to Santa Claus himself, retired and down on his luck, in Michael M. Jones' "Claus of Death", these sleuths adapt to their magical settings with the same two-fisted grit characteristic of any classic noir hero. Dragons per se may be in short supply, but dastardly culprits, lying clients, and seedy urban alleys abound in this thoroughly addictive treasury of 'whodunnits'. Highly recommended.

Clearly, I have to commend the Midwest Book Review for their discerning tastes. Seeing my name singled out in such illustrious company doesn't hurt in the least. I feel motivated.

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