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Life Update.

I have a paying job. At Waldenbooks. I am a wage slave. A counterjockey. A register monkey. A minion of the evil empire. In a mall. During Christmas season. Go me!

Well, at least it's not the food service industry.

I am also, and this is a fact, jinxed. Maybe it's my cat-like persona, or my fire-related zodiac sign, but Water -happens- to me. You doubt?
The following are ways my house has tried to flood me out:

The A/C, by freezing over so that the outflow doesn't go into the pipe.
The A/C, by having the outflow pipe knocked askew so it doesn't go down the hole.
Heavy rains causing the sump pump to say "fuck you" and stop working. Thus allowing the rain to come in under the basement door, and out of the drain in the floor. Simultaneously.
The mysterious flood that happened elsewhere in the basement with no discernable cause.
And the newest one, my freezer's icemaker refusing to shut off, thus making lots of warm(!) water spill forth from the refrigerator and into the kitchen.

Days like this, it's not worth going back to sleep. Just when I learn to cope with one flood hazard, I discover a new one. Le sigh.

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