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It's an ego thing...

So I write book reviews, right? Go me. :> Nothing gives me that little thrill more than seeing one of my babies excerpted for publicity purposes. Recently, a friend asked where the heck they could see these blurbs. So let's see, where've they been so far:

Hunting the Dead, the new White Wolf anthology for their game Orpheus (for my review of Lucifer's Shadow, their Demon: The Fallen anthology)

The Wounded King, by Philippe Boulle (for my review of the first two books in his Victorian Era Vampire trilogy)

Stark's Crusade, Stark's Command, and A Just Determination, all by John Hemry (for my review of Stark's War, by John Hemry)

Tong Lashing, by Peter David (for my review of the first book in the series, Sir Apropos of Nothing)

The paperback edition of the Dragon Society, by Lawrence Watt-Evans (for the hardback edition of the same)

There may be more... if so, I'll add them here, both for your amusement and my faulty memory. And for those wondering where to see my reviews:

www.greenmanreview.com (Fantasy and folklore and fairy tales, as well as the occasional music or live performance review)

Chronicle, a print sf/fantasy news and reviews magazine (My young adult sf/fantasy review column, Schroedinger's Bookshelf, appears quarterly, most recent in this month's issue)

Absolute Magnitude, a print sf fiction magazine (My reviews appear in each issue, released on a quarterly basis)

Tell 'em I sent you.

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