Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

New Orleans, Day Two

So today we hit the French Quarter and wandered around. We went to the Gumbo Shop for lunch, where I tried a lovely chicken gumbo and blackened catfish nuggets, and finished up by having real absinthe for the first time in my life. Mmmm, absinthe. The Green Fairy.

Then we wandered around, I got my Tarot done by a psychic reader in the back of a voodoo shop, and we had beignets and hot chocolate at the Cafe du Monde, where the guardian pigeons watched over us. We paid a robot cowboy to perform for us, paid homage to the local pride of feral cats in the park, and had burgers for dinner at Yo Momma's, a bar and grill thatis made of win. (And apparently a regular stop for Robert Aspirin... the bartender knew him well.)

Afterwards, we wandered back down Bourbon Street, where I soaked up the atmosphere: the neon, the music, the shills, the early drunken revelers, and so forth. Mary laughed as I tried to convince her to hit some of the various establishments. We listened to jazz outside the Cafe Beignet, and then made an early night of things so we don't wear ourselves out before the parades start tomorrow.

I'm loving it...

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