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Just a snippet I've had in my head for a while, of something I either saw somewhere, or wish I'd seen somewhere, or would like to see someday...

"Superman? Hardly. Look at him. Next to invulnerable. Flight capabilities unlike anything we have on Earth. He can start, stop, and turn on a dime, with VTOL and hover, and an upper speed that has yet to be adequately determined. Not only that, but he can journey through space with barely any equipment, or survive the crushing depths of the seas. He can hold his breath for hours at a time.

"Sensory capabilities are beyond reason: he can pick up a single voice from across the world, see through almost any common substance, fire highly-destructive lasers from his eyes, generate hurricane-level gusts of wind or create a localized vacuum, or lower the immediate area to freezing temperatures.

"Strong? He can as good as move planets when he chooses. He can toss cars into orbit, juggle battleships, lift buildings, and crush mountains.

"Power source? He's fueled by a yellow sun, people. Our sun. And the more he absorbs, the more powerful he gets, again with no upper limits established. What's more, there's every indication that he might just be immortal under the right circumstances.

"Vulnerabilities? Remarkably few. Radioactive elements of his home planet, and magic are the only consistent things shown to have any negative effect upon him.

"Did I mention that he's capable of masquerading amongst us, -as- one of us? That despite being alien, he's able to blend in with humanity to the point where we can't -find- him when he's not wearing the red and blue spandex and cape?

"Gentlemen, we're not dealing with a person at all. Superman is nothing more, and nothing less, than a war machine. The Last Son of Krypton? Try the Last WMD of Krypton. If he'd been properly programmed, he'd have lain waste to this planet and conquered us within days of activation.

"And that's why I'm here to outline my plan to 'reboot' him as it were, and reprogram him to serve our interests..."

Yeah. When you stop to think about it, he -does- have an interesting powerset for someone who just wants to help us... :>

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