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Michael M Jones

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January 1st, 2008

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06:49 pm - YA Author-type Peoples!
I have a friend who's working as a high school librarian in Wisconsin, and she's trying very hard to encourage "her" kids to read, and to read the good stuff. She's in charge of the book club, and from what I've gathered, she's been given a good budget and plenty of support. Her goals at this time include:

*Highlight at least one writer every two weeks, including possible interviews and Q&A. This will include the purchase of their pertinent book for display and checkout purposes, my recommendations on the school book blog, and my working up a small school display.

*Select at least four more books for our book-club selections; this involves the acquisition of at least twenty to twenty-five copies of a given book, in-depth discussion for our readers, and more leeway in display advertisement.

*Partner with our community to sponsor at least one author visit to our school. We have a budget, we have willing assistance from our county libraries, we have a very nice small venue, and we have a lot of interested students. Interested parties willing to visit Western Wisconsin very welcome.
*Sponsor at least one other field trip to a book signing; last summer, our kids saw Stephenie Meyer at the Mall of America, and -- did I mention we've got enough of a budget to sponsor this sort of thing?

*Highlight contests for writing, book giveaways, and other YA-lit-themed events and people of interest on our blog and at our library.

So if any of you fine people are interested in helping her... whether it be visiting, or participating in blog discussions, or email interviews, or, well, whatever else comes to mind, go over to Lit Mischief to learn more about it. She can tell you the details, and explain things much better than I can. I think what she's doing sounds great, and I -know- I have some really awesome YA authors lurking in the shadows here, some of whom will do anything to attract a few more readers. :>

End of Public Service Announcement. Next time, it's back to being all about me. :>

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Date:January 1st, 2008 11:59 pm (UTC)
MWAH. Thank you, thank you! *ducks back behind her lit_mischief curtain*
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Date:January 2nd, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
Woohoo! You rock. :> I somehow knew we could count on you. :>

We finally found Hallowmere #2, though it took us a few tries. Went to several bookstores up in the DC area on the 26th: a Borders Express and a Barnes and Noble, and neither one had it. Finally, found 3 copies at the Manassas Borders, and bought 2.

It was sad. I -pouted- at the B&N when they said they had none. And it didn't make the book magically appear. :>

All things considered, we're doing quite well, and all fired up with the new year. I have your book and the new Libba Bray ready to be read. :> (Next column deadline: beginning of February, perfect timing!)
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Date:January 3rd, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)
We do need to have an outing! We may, actually, be able to tug madwriter and his lovely wife, as well as time_shark and HIS lovely wife in on it. Some of us are going down to Williamsburg for MarsCon (very nice, very quiet relaxicon) in a couple weeks. However, there's got to be a time when folks can get together, even just for a meal. :)

I haven't gotten to Book 2 yet. It's being held hostage by a certain husband of mine. I found out last night where he'd hidden it, and will be staging a search and rescue mission later tonight, or tomorrow. AFTER he's asleep. ;)

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