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Read Book Log - 2007

This year, like various other people, I kept a log of everything I read for the year. It wasn't a perfect log, and the system broke down occasionally as I figured out what exactly I intended of the project. But, for better or for worse, I kept a running tally of every book I read, from January 1 to December 31st. Somewhat less accurately, I tried to keep a tally of when I finished each book, though sadly, this wasn't quite as exact, as it was easy to occasionally miss recording the exact date, and by December, I stopped trying, much to my chagrin.

I also kept a rough tally of genre, though naturally, while Science Fiction is easy to categorize, it's harder to separate Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, and Romance at times. Usually, I took my best stab at guessing.

I didn't necessarily tally anthologies, since I never could decide how much of one I had to read in order for it to count. Nor did I count most of the non-fiction books I picked up, since those I read bits and pieces of, in scattered doses as the mood or interest take me. For the sheer sake of sanity, I didn't try to record comic books, either individually or in graphic novel/trade paperback/phonebook format. Trust me, I had to draw the line somewhere. Ditto with magazines.

So ultimately, what I ended up with was a mostly accurate list of books, authors, and assigned genres. The grand total, when all was said and done was...

231 books.
Roughly broken down, that's 23 science fiction, 45 urban fantasy (or paranormal romance), 33 fantasy, 121 Young Adult (Both SF/F and more mainstream, sprawling across the Teen and Young Reader sections of the bookstore, if that makes sense), 4 Non-Fiction, 2 Mystery, and 1 Romance (with no supernatural elements at all... how it snuck in, I'll never know.)

Yeah. That's a whole hell of a lot of books. If there's enough interest, I'll follow with a post that actually lists them all.

And happily, I got a bunch of books for and after Christmas, so I'll be able to hit the new year running, and this time, I'll try to keep more accurate records.

Happy New Year, all.

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