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Michael M Jones

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December 16th, 2007

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04:56 am - Perfect Movie Moments...
In my eyes, there are certain scenes, or moments of movies where everything is just so right, so beautifully crafted, that they stand out as perfect moments.

One such moment, and it literally is just a minute or so, occurs near the end of the original Die Hard. The FBI has ordered a shutdown of power for the Nakatomi Plaza, and there it is. The power goes, the lights flick off and...

Klaxons sound. The security vault locks disengage, the door opens, and Alan Rickman is framed against the light, as triumphant music plays. (Ode to Joy?) And between the alarms, the jaunty music, the use of light and shadow, the way Rickman composes himself, and the gleeful, yet reverent, "Merry Christmas" of Theo, the evil tech genius...

Perfect. Just a moment I want to frame.

So, what are your Perfect Movie Moments?

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Date:December 16th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
It's actually a TV moment, but for me it really emphasized how perfect I thought some of the writing for Firefly was.

Big build up scene, someone's sneaking something onto the shop in a big crate. We're all thinking drugs, weapons, some super-techno device. Captain Tightpants opens the crate revealing - a naked Summer Glau.

Long pause.

And where other writers might have taken time to post a monologue we get:


For me, it was a perfect example of how understatement can say more than cleverly drafted paragraphs.

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