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Occasionally, when the wind is strong and the tides are right, and the outer garage door is up, the wind will blow the door from garage into kitchen open, thus offering our cats a rare opportunity to go walkabout.

-Usually- we catch this pretty darn quick, alerted by the sound, or wind or what-have-you. Today, the first indication I had was when the door blew shut again. I went to investigate, doing the usual head count along the way. Well, I opened the door to the garage, and the tabby came flying in, tail fluffed. I went out to look some more, and the tuxedo came dashing in from the laundry room, looking sheepish. By this time, I'd managed to secure the whereabouts of 5, and I was pretty sure 2 of the remaining cats were upstairs, under the bed, since I hadn't heard pathetic mewing or seen them yet. That left one cat.

I continued to look around outside, and lo and behold, there came our neighbors' Boston Terrier, a sweet little dog who is allowed to roam outside, and who rarely leaves her own yard. Today, she came running on over to me, quite happily, and I was about to pet her, when I realized what she was doing. She was essentially -herding- the last of our cats, our little orange longhaired. Molly slunk under our car, looking rather kerfluffed, and didn't make too much fuss when I scooped her up. The terrier, her work done, dashed off.

Remind me to thank the neighbors, since I don't know if Molly would have been so inclined to stick close to home otherwise... On the good side, all cats accounted for once again.

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