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The Life of a Book Reviewer...

Last night, in a fit of pique, I told my beloved, patient wife that I didn't know what I wanted to read next. I'd just finished several fine YA books, wasn't in the mood for epic fantasy at the moment, and was still purring over listening to HAVE SPACESUIT, WILL TRAVEL on audio (Full Cast Audio, all hail to Bruce Coville).

"I want a good urban fantasy!" I whined. "I want the next Kim Harrison*, the next Jim Butcher**, and the next Simon Green***, and I want them now!"

Well, today I checked the front porch, and there in the empty left-hand planter**** was a happy little white package. In said package was the ARC of UNQUIET DREAMS, by Mark Del Franco, sequel to UNSHAPELY THINGS. (Ace, January 2008). To which I must thusly say, "Thank you, Book Fairy, for delivering unto me a good urban fantasy that will appease me for a few days." Because the Book Fairy's offerings must not be taken for granted, nor unappreciated, lest it stop bringing them.

Yes, I believe in the Book Fairy. You call it the UPS driver. Or the FedEx driver. Or the US Postal Service. I say it takes many shapes, and brings me many fine books. And a few questionable ones. (I refuse to talk about the time it brought Nora Roberts to me.)

And this is NORMAL for our household.

* - And may a thousand fleas infest the loins of the guy selling the next Kim Harrison ARC (* 1/2), a signed and numbered item, on eBay. For $110. Sir, you suck. That money better be going to charity or something.

* 1/2 - Due out in February. (* 3/4)

* 3/4 - The paperback of FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE just came out. The inside page quotes from my SF Site review of DEAD WITCH WALKING. Color me pleased.

** - And by that, I mean the next Dresden Files. Due out in April.

*** - I'll take anything. Unfortunately, the next one due out is the 8th in the Nightside series. Read and reviewed THE UNNATURAL INQUIRER months ago. After that comes the next in his James Bond-ish series, which is June.

**** - The current driver on our route likes to play mind games with me. Currently, he'll put the packages on the front step, or in one of the empty planters that flank the front door. Sometimes, he'll then twist the American flag we have hanging outside the door over the flagpole, as if to let us know something's there. Go figure. I wonder if they just don't realize that the large package-sized mailbox outside the garage (which is much closer to the street than the front door is) is there for a reason besides decoration. I'd train this driver, but then we'd just get a new one who'd probably find somewhere even weirder to leave packages.

BTW: Last night, I finally started reading TERRITORY, by Emma Bull. Magic meets the Old West in a revised version of the events leading up to the shootout at the OK Corral, if I'm not mistaken. Good stuff. But it's Emma Bull. I can't race through one of hers... it would be like gulping down dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse without pausing to enjoy it!

Other stuff on my plate: WHITECHAPEL GODS, by S.M. Peters (Roc, February 2008). Alternate history Victorian-era steampunk/urban fantasy. Looks fascinating, but highly unusual. Looking forward to tackling it.

Also finishing up GOBLIN WAR, by Jim Hines (DAW, March 2008) which is the third in the Jig the Dragonslayer series. Comedic/epic fantasy about a goblin who gets caught up in wacky adventures. Damned good stuff. ( Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero)

ALSO started reading MIDNIGHT REIGN, by Chris Marie Green (Ace, February 2008), which is the sequel to NIGHT RISING . Vampires, psychics, and other weird stuff in Hollywood. I really liked the first in the series.

I'll wrap this up now. I took the opportunity to play with format a little, hope it doesn't explode all over the screen...

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