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Mary and I saw the movie Enchanted tonight.
It is absolutely, completely, and utterly MADE OF WIN.
That is all.


Amy Adams OWNED the role as a Disney Princess (sorta) come to 3-D real life.
Susan Sarandon chewed the scenery as the Wicked Queen/Evil Sorcereress/Stepmother.
James Marsden turns in an excellent performance as the Prince Charming figure.
Patrick Dempsey does a great job as ordinary guy who just needs some lovin'.
Idina Menzel is criminally underused in her role as Dempsey's girlfriend, but she has some good moments.

This movie is just.... yeah, go see it. It's a post-modern take on the classic Disney animated features, with some old-school touches, some modern sensibilities, and a whole HELL of a lot of fun. It's a date movie. It's pretty much all-ages. It's sweet and smart and cute and awesome.

We loved it to bits.

Okay, THAT is all.

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